Summer in London is fabulous when May turns to June, but this year in August I miss the sea and I miss travelling abroad.  As a policy, I only travel abroad in the Fall/Winter/Spring while spending the Summer exclusively in London.  This year, however, I’m getting terribly antsy and attacking the search on kayak and skyscanner every chance I get.  Spain is the target – specially a hand-full of my favourite cities – San Sebastian, Barcelona, and Valencia.  If I were to try to make the trip, I would need some seriously cheeky denim – like a jumpsuit – paired with a small hot handbag and hat to hide under.  The denim would have to be light weight and loose, while the colours should be classic.  All I need is the tickets and hotel..

denim jumpsuits

Topshop   Warehouse   New Look  

Whistles   Esprit   Keds   Sophie Hulme


Dresses that feel free and flowing are the best for hot summer days, picnics, and parties.  A couple weeks ago I mentioned the Burberry look for this Autumn, and I found a couple more whimsical pieces that will be great for transitioning the seasons as well.  In a couple months, matching these dresses with chunky sweaters and boots, or a heavy knit scarf will provide that bohemian summer fix when the London weather becomes cold and grey.  Keeping the summer alive will be all too important when the city fills back up with waves of black and navy overcoats, brollies, and boots.  Although less colourful, I’m especially crushing on the black and white Free People dress.  Graphics? Yes, please!

Boho Dress

Anthropologie   Free People   Etro   Free People



When I remember back on the Autumn/Winter 2014 Ready-to-Wear shows, only one outfit comes instantly to mind.  Effortless, colourful, and perfectly put together – this look from the Burberry show is burned into my mind as the perfect way to welcome Fall 2014.

Burberry Tribal Dress and Brown Coat

Vogue: Burberry Prorsum Autumn/Winter 2014 Ready-to-Wear

Although I would love to purchase every item off this model’s body, it’s just not realistic.  Luckily, my online shopping addiction has led to the discovery of some awesome inspired pieces.  Specifically, a few whimsical items that will make my wardrobe a little more colourful, trendy and fun (much like my favourite outfit).  Not to be worn all at the same time, the items are meant to be paired with simple, well-fit basics (think button-up top and slacks) or classic cut dresses.  What’s the best thing about the wraps, necklaces, and bags below?  Everything will pair perfectly with my all-time favourite purchase – winter boots! (more to come on which ones I’ll choose this season)

Fall 2014 Accessories TribalFREE PEOPLE   MAIYET   STAR MELA   TOPSHOP


The easiest way for me to get dressed is to put on as few items as possible.  Sounds easy, but there’s a trick – I have to look professional, be comfortable sitting all day, able to transition from day to night.  The item also needs to be versatile to mix and match through the seasons, not too cheap or young looking, and body flattering.  My solution? The ever classic “shirt dress”.

There’s some great options on the market, and I’ve put together my shopping list below.  A little tip from someone who has to use mass transit… on those terribly humid days, don’t forget a pair of comfortable short shorts!

Shirt Dress Edit Summer Fall 2014GAP   COS   TOPSHOP


The name William Sofield is associated with some of the most sought after condos in New York City.  Baker Furniture tapped Bill to design a collection and it doesn’t disappoint.  Here are a few of my favorite pieces below:




1.  Astor Petite Chair - Baker The Bill Sofield Collection                                                                                   2.  Nara Chest - Baker The Bill Sofield Collection                                                                                   3.    Carlyle Sofa - Baker The Bill Sofield Collection

Astor Petite Chair                                                                                                        Nara Chest                                                                                                                                    Carlyle Sofa

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Whenever work picks up and gets crazy – Thursdays feel like they should be Saturdays,  Mondays feel like Wednesdays and weekends feel like BLISS.  These well deserved 2 day breaks are all about relaxing and living at the slowest possible pace.  To keep things easy, I’ve perfected my ‘go to’ style to just a few quick pieces - pressed button-down white shirt, ripped jeans cuffed half-hazardly, and a pair of the most comfortable sandals possible.  Cheap or expensive, this look is perfect for winding down and watching the world go by…Ripped Jeans Styled Casual Cool

1969 Destructed Sexy Boyfriend Jeans   H&M Cotton Shirt   Marimekko   Adidas Sandals  

Joe’s Jeans   Bao Bao Issey Miyake   Thomas Pink   Fit Flop

I should have titled this – No Longer ‘Taking a Break’.  It’s been FAR too long since I’ve last posted, and I’m happy to start working on this project again.  Life has been incredibly busy and demanding – more than a full-time job, more than a full-time family/friends, etc. etc!  Getting a balance takes time and effort – apparently as much as 8 months!  In an effort to reconfirm that balance – I took last Friday off work to enjoy a day in sunny London.  After my 2 hour thai massage I went to Selfridges to enjoy late lunch at Restaurant on the Roof with Q.  Reconnecting with my love of fashion with great company – the latest Vogue – and a glass of white wine, is a definite recommendation for anyone in need of some R&R.

Q at Selfridges

Eating at the kitchen bar on the roof.

Sunny Day on Selfridges Roof

Sunny day over London at Selfridges.

Violet artichoke, garden vegetable brushcetta

Starter – Violet artichoke, garden vegetable bruschetta – something light for British Summer Time.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  With that being said, this week’s wish list will give you something to think about..Christmas!  Whether you gift yourself or want to make a list for someone else, these items are sure to be high on your list!

Wednesday Wish List 11-27-2013


1.  Fendi Biker Boots  2.  Coach Fur Cowl  3.  Jil Sander Pleated Leather Skirt  4.  Stephen Webster Earrings

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London has possibly the best art scene in the world; well, it’s the best art scene I’ve ever enjoyed.  Maybe the art is one of the reasons why I love London so much, and why it’s become easier call this place home over the last year.  Recently I’ve been inspired to put together an outfit after seeing works of art featured by 2 artists in the Halcyon Gallery - perfect for any London gallery opening.

1.   Bob Dylan – Mood Swings

Halcyon Gallery Screenshot - Bob Dylan

2.  Dashi Namdakov

Halcyon Gallery Screenshot - Dashi Namdakov

Inspired by London Gallery Openings -Ready for GalleryTom Ford Bruised Plum  BCBG Runway Paulina Blocked Dress  Monies Valioro Necklace  Vionnet Structured Trapeze Bag  Fendi Pumps


As a former southerner, I have spent the last 14 years avoiding winter hats.  I do not like wearing hats, coats, layers…..basically anything that is required during the winter.  I am trying to turn over a new leaf.  I am going to start wearing hats.  I’ve been forcing my kids to wear them for a while now and it is a “do as I say, not as I do” kind of thing.  In my search for a few cool hats, I ran across these, hope you like them as much as I do!

Hat Attack


Bryan Boy for Adrienne Landau    Coach Cable Knit Hat with Pom Pom   Borsalino Corso Como 

Gucci Wide Brimmed Hat   Plush Barca Slouchy Hat

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